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The Property Improvement PPA has the support of leading institutional investors. Advantage Energy underwrites based on the value of the property instead of a traditional credit-driven approach and manages the asset to produce reliable results.


About Advantage Energy Capital Partners (“Advantage Energy”)

Advantage Energy addresses key issues constraining the adoption of clean energy in under-served market segments. The inaugural fund serves commercial, industrial and multi‐family property owners in the U.S. and was capitalized by leading institutional investors attracted to the market opportunity and confident in Advantage Energy management.

Advantage Energy leadership has supported over $6billion of financing for clean energy projects and has provided financial structuring, modeling and analysis services to a broad range of clients including several of the leading investors and sponsors in the U.S. clean energy industry. 

Pietro Zerauschek, Cofounder, Development and New Initiatives., Linkedin

Harshan Jeyakumar, Finance and Asset Management., Linkedin

Anton Sudradjat, Technical Operations and Customer Care., Linkedin



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 Advantage Energy created the Property Improvement PPA  specifically to serve the needs of owners of commercial, industrial and multi-family properties. The Property Improvement PPA increases the value of these properties by delivering reliable energy savings and production warranties with no money down.


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Energy savings

Every clean energy system is engineered to deliver both short- and long-term customer savings. Customers of California investor-owned electricity utilities typically will receive savings of 50% to 100% of avoided costs in the first year and significant savings over the term of the Property Improvement PPA.

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Monetize tax benefits

The Property Improvement PPA provides cash-on-cash savings. Property owners need not claim investment tax credits nor deductions from accelerated depreciation to realize electricity cost savings. Advantage Energy monetizes these tax benefits and shares the electricity cost savings with the property owner.

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Production Warranty

Advantage Energy pays customers should the system produce less than expected.

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No money down

The system and Property Improvement PPA require no money down. Property owners make payments semi-annually through their property tax assessment.

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Long-term payment plan

To increase electricity cost savings, Property Improvement PPA offers long-term agreements of up to 25 years with a set rate schedule that locks in savings and provides certainty.

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No residual obligations for commercial business

Any payment obligations for the Property Improvement PPA are “off balance sheet” and remain with the property; not the business. In the event of a sale of the property, Property Improvement PPA payment obligations transfer to the property buyer.

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Single point of responsibility for system performance

Advantage Energy provides warranty on system production and backs the obligation with 7/24 monitoring and maintenance throughout the life of the PPA.

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